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Lady May Chicago

405 North Wabash Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60611


Tuesday - Thursday

4pm - 11pm

Friday & Saturday

4pm - 11pm

Happy Hour, Tue - Sat

4pm - 6pm

An Ode to Southern Charm

In his never ending search for adventure our founder, Garrett traveled to a southern coastal town. While sipping bourbon in a bar lined with aging books and antiquities, time stopped, the doors swung open, and a mysterious woman wandered in.

She ordered a drink next to him. She smelled of magnolias. He was captivated by her sophistication, confidence, and free spirit. She was extraordinary, but he knew she had to go her own way. Before she did he asked her name. She passed him a folded napkin on which she signed her name, Lady May.

Lady May isn't a place, but a love story. An ode to southern charm, and Garrett's lovely.

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